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Price-list of supplementary services

(from 01.08.2015)

Editing photos (retouch / scrap), 1 photo2 €
Development of design of the title page of the sitefrom 200 €
Development of design of the internal page of the sitefrom 40 €
Search of subject photos for the site, 1 photo (without purchasing / editing a photo)1 €
Polygraphic design: business cards, calendars, booklets, packages and so forth.from 20 € (Specify at the designer)
Technical rewriting for internal pages of the site (we take the text provided by you and we rewrite it by the own words – stylistically competently and without errors). 1 000 signs3 €
Technical rewriting with the given keywords (when rewriting the text we add to it the names of your production or services set by you). 1 000 signs5 €
Copyright (writing of the text from scratch on your specification). Such text will be suitable for the About the Company or Services page and will allow to open specific features of your firm. 1 000 signs8 €
Typing (from the image), 1 000 signs6 €
Filling / Editing 1 page of the site the Customer's materials (only the text, not including its processing).2 €
Filling / Editing 1 page of the site the Customer's materials (to 10 photos, not including text processing and photos (jpg))2 €
Filling of 1 line item in the catalogue1 €
Adding of 1 "turnkey" page of the site (includes search and rewriting of the text to 1000 signs and 3 images with processing, placement on the site)6 €
Optimization of structure of the site, 1 page (prescription of keywords, title, metatags and so forth) (from 50 pages / from 10 pages / to 10 pages)2 € /3 € /4 €
Search Engine Optimizationfrom 100 €/mon.
Restoration of the site (full (from a backup copy) / sections of the site)20 € / 10 €
Operation of our expert (designer / maker-up / programmer), 1 hour20 €